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We read the papers everyday
And come upon the page
That simply gives a person’s name
Followed by the age

We note with small emotion
Those who daily reach the end
But, oh, how hard it hits the heart
To come across a friend




Julie Silva Alexander-Perez
May 10, 1959 ~ Sept. 2, 2007

Our good friend Julie lost her battle with cancer on
September 2, 2007. A memorial service will be held on
Wednesday September 19, 2007 at 11:00AM, Lake Murray
Evangelical Free Church, 5777 Lake Murrary Drive, La Mesa

Julie we will always remember you for your beautiful
smile and gentle way.  You will never be far away from
us because we hold you close in our hearts and in our
memories.  We will find comfort in our memories and
knowing that you are at peace and forever watching
over us.  We were all glad that you choose to spend time
with all of us at our 30th reunion.

We will miss you!






Charles Andrews

Summer 1977
On his motorcycle coming from work…hit by a Drunk driver



Dale S. Averill
Age 41d.
March 2000

Cozy Farman

Age 21 d.
Nov. 1958 – May 1980

farman honaker

Terry Honaker

Age 25 d.
Jan. 1959 Jun. 1984

Donald Wayne King

age 47
August 6, 1959-June 22, 2007
king2 leafstrom Mark E. Leafstrom

Age 27d.
 Apr. 1959 –Aug. 1986

Bret S. Okrusch
Age 45 d.
 June 1959 – Sept 2004



John Ozbirn
Age 46 d.
Nov. 1959 - Apr. 2006
Tragic motorcycle accident

Christine Pence
Age 19 d. 
Dec 1958 – Summer 1977

Auto Accident In Hawaii



Roger Pennock
Age 30 d.
Mar. 1959 – Dec. 1989
John H. Marsh
Age 21 d.




Daniel S Smolan
Age 32d.
  Mar. 1959 – June 1991

Steven Wentz



James A. Wessies
Age 27 d.
Sept.1959 - Dec. 1986






Jan 1959 – Aug. 1980








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